8 Gram Boveda – 58%

King Palm is a leading name in the joint rolling industry with its all-natural Cordia leaf rolls!  All its products are made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials that contain zero traces of any preservatives, additives, tobacco or GMOs.


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Hand-rolled to seamless perfection and without the use of any artificial chemicals, flavors or glue, our 8g rolls ensure you get nothing but a pure product. Remember to always remove the paper insert before you start filling the roll, and to pack the herbs as tight as possible for the best results. King Palm’s rolls come with a preinstalled filter made from 100% natural corn husk.

Our highly rated natural filter ensures no product leaks from the roll and that no resinous oil gets onto your mouth or fingers. All our products are sourced ethically from all around the world and are extremely environmentally friendly. No trees are destroyed for sourcing our materials and all our workers are paid more than 20% of the standard wage. Our natural leaves make for the best super-slow burning joints, and last much longer than a regular paper joint.

King Palm’s rolls are packed by one of the best packaging companies in the world, Boveda. All our packets have two-way, 62% humidity control, which ensures that the rolls stay fresh and crisp for a whole year! The mild earthiness of the Cordia leaves adds to slightly enrich the flavor of the herbs and has converted even the most regular paper-joint rollers to exclusive King Palm users.

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