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Carry all of your smoking necessities and represent King Palm along the way with our stylish camo backpack. This highly functional accessory can fit all of your favorite rolling trays, rolls, and even a (safely packed) piece of glass. The half-camo-half-black design can appeal to King Palm fans of all kinds. This backpack is simply the perfect addition to your collection.

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Stylish Design

King Palm’s new camo backpack offers an incredibly stylish design that every KP fan will love. Half of the gear boasts the classic green-brown camo design, while the bottom half is plain black with the signature King Palm logo. This backpack will go perfectly with every outfit and all styles.  

Portable, Comfortable, and Able to Carry All Your Favorites

King Palm’s camo backpack is the ideal size to carry all of your favorite KP products. From rolling trays to grinders and everything in between, these backpacks can easily fit all of your goodies and so much more. Even when you stuff it full, the bag is comfortable on your shoulders and won’t leave you dying to take it off. You’ll want to bring with you any chance you get. 

Represent King Palm Everywhere You Go

Whether you’re hiking, traveling, or just heading to a friend’s, this camo backpack will help you represent King Palm everywhere you go. Connect with other King Palm fans, turn others onto the brand, and make this backpack a staple in your wardrobe. 

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