Cherry Charm – 20 Mini Rolls


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Inhale all-natural flavors of cherry and other red berries with this 20-pack of Cherry Charm Mini Rolls. Each of these one-gram Mini Rolls contains a terpene-filled flavor capsule that, when popped, releases terps that taste just like you’re biting into a juicy cherry. The entire tube comes with 20 Cherry Charm rolls, as well as a bamboo stick to help you pack your pre-rolls, and a hydrating packet to keep everything fresh.


  • 20 Cherry Charm Mini Rolls
  • One Bamboo Packing Stick
  • One Hydrating Moisture Packet

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Delicious Cherry Flavors

This entire tube contains 20 delicious Cherry Charm Mini Rolls. Inside the cornhusk filter tip of these Mini Rolls contains a terpene capsule that releases mouth-watering cherry flavors when popped. These flavors aren’t too sweet, nor do they taste artificial; instead, they’ll remind you exactly of actual cherry fruit. 

Fits One Gram of Herb

An entire Cherry Charm Mini Roll fits exactly one gram of ground herb. Using the packing stick to push it down, you’re able to pack an even, stuffed Mini Roll that burns smoothly and slowly. By fitting one whole gram, these rolls can be perfect for a solo sesh or one that you’re sharing. 

Crafted With All-Natural Materials

King Palm prides itself on our all-natural, organic materials. We don’t use any tobacco, glue, or harsh chemicals to create our Mini Rolls, allowing for a cleaner, purer smoking experience. This way, you can light up your King Palm completely guilt-free. 

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