XL Dispenser – 50 Rolls

To keep your rolls neatly organized, you need a dispenser that is efficient, looks good and does the job well. Our 100% natural rolls bring out the ultimate smoke without any oils or nicotine. After a long and exhausting day, these are the rolls that can help you relax.


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For your bigger sized rolls, we offer the XL dispenser that includes 50 leaf rolls. It makes for the perfect display package for retail that can easily fit in the tiniest of spaces. Our dispenser features:

  • Carefully packaged, hand-rolled, and handpicked leaf rolls
  • 50 XL rolls for wrapping up your favorite herbs
  • Package for 2-way humidity control for 62%
  • Slow-burning leaf rolls that can hold up to 3grams of herbs individually
  • The cleanest leaves on the market washed with purified water
  • Wooden presser to neatly add all the herbs
  • GMO-free corn filter for a one-of-a-kind smoking experience
  • Products that keep their freshness for one year

One of our key-selling features is the slow burner. Our tubes are made to burn very slowly. Unlike paper wraps, our rolls can be smoked for much longer, which makes them an excellent pick for sharing a blunt with friends or at a party.

Every single roll we offer is free from artificial preservatives or chemicals so that you can enjoy a healthy and relaxing smoke. Our products are made to last, so you don’t have to worry about the rolls losing their freshness. They can last up to a year and still give the best smoking experience.

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