Gold Roll Just Pack It Tray


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Enjoy stuffing your King Palm pre-rolled cones with a Gold Roll Just Pack It  rolling tray. Made out of metal for durability, and with a compact size to easily travel with it. Rolling trays are great for rolling on a clean and flat surface. They will save you time trying to find a clean area to roll on. Experience a premium metal rolling tray for a low price, and with the image of a King Palm roll being packed.

  • Size:  7″ by 5.5″
  • Material: Metal

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Celebrate how easy it is to pack a King Palm roll using a rolling tray with its iconic image on it. Cool rolling trays don’t need to cost a ridiculous price, and we prove that with our premium options available. Experience a smooth and clean surface optimal for packing or rolling herbs. It will complement any area designated for smoking flowers. Whether you’re treating yourself or buying it for a gift, it’s a 420 accessory that’s essential. 

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