King Kiwi – 20 Mini Rolls


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This 20-pack tube of King Kiwi Mini Rolls is the perfect way to stock up on your favorite fruity flavors. Squeeze the cornhusk filter of these one-gram rolls and listen for the pop of the flavor capsule inside. Then, you’ll be hit by aromas of all-natural kiwi. Every one of these 20-packs comes with a bamboo stick for quick, easy packing, as well as a hydrating pack to keep your Kiwi Mini Rolls fresh.


  • 20 King Kiwi Mini Rolls (Hold One Gram)
  • One Bamboo Packing Stick
  • One Hydrating Packet

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All-Natural Kiwi Flavors

At the tip of every King Kiwi Mini Roll is a terpene-filled flavor capsule. By simply squeezing the capsule in between your fingers, you will pop the capsule and release the deliciously juicy kiwi flavors. Not too sweet but not too subtle, these fruity notes will pair perfectly with your favorite herb, we guarantee it. 

20 Fresh, One-Gram Rolls

Every pack contains exactly 20 King Kiwi pre-rolls, just waiting to be packed. These Mini Rolls hold up to one gram of freshly ground herb, and our bamboo packing sticks help to keep all of the bud packed tight. Ideal for a solo sesh or for smoking with a friend, this 20-pack of Kiwi Mini Rolls is all you’ll need.

Slow-Burning Materials

We craft our King Palm Mini Rolls out of all-natural Cordia palm leaves and absolutely no chemicals, dyes, or glues. The organic materials help to create a more natural, slow-burning smoke that is more pleasant than any joint, cigar, or cigarillo on the market.

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