Digital Pocket Scale

Measuring your rolls on the go has never been easier. With our Digital Pocket Scale, we offer a superior-quality product with excellent accuracy to provide you with instant results. You can use it to measure every size of roll you have, from Mini to XXL rolls whenever you like.


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Our product features:

  • Ergonomic design is perfect for transport.
  • Big enough screen that is easy and convenient to read
  • A top-quality structure that is durable and efficient
  • A mode button to switch between different measuring units
  • A stainless steel platform ideal for weighing any kind of object, including your rolls and herbs

One of the best-selling features of our Digital Pocket Scale is its stability. The device is integrated into a durable flip case that protects both the scale and the stainless steel platform. The big LCD is effortless to read in low light, so you can use it anytime you see fit.

With the simple mode switch, you get access to multiple measuring units to get all the best measurements you could ask for, regardless of whether you measure your herbs, grains, or anything else. It’s a super convenient device to have for day-to-day use.

Besides, using this pocket scale is a piece of cake, even if you’ve never had one before. Easy to use options and buttons, so you will quickly get the hang of them all. Plus, it’s super discreet, so you can store it anywhere you like, including your pocket, wallet, purse, or bag.

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