25 King Display Box – 8 Units

Nothing can quite match our 100% natural blunt wraps. If you prefer a slow-burning, cooler, and cleaner smoking experience, then you are in for a treat. Our 25 King Display Box features the finest blunt you can find.


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For anyone looking to replenish their stock, a display box such as this one will make for a worthy investment. For us, it’s all about quality over quantity, and we prove that with every package we make. Not only do you get a completely organic product, but you also get the most even-burning smoke on the market. Here is what sets our product apart from all the rest of the blunt wraps you can find online.

Every package features:

  • 25 king-sized rolls ideal for retail
  • Super-slow burning leaf
  • 2-way Boveda humidity control package off 62%
  • Carefully made product cleaned with purified water
  • A roll that can hold up to 2grams of herbs
  • GMO-free corn husk filter
  • Wooden packing stick

Our products don’t contain any additives, chemicals or glue. But, we still guarantee you’ll get the best leakage-free smoke. Each roll we produce is made and picked by hand so that you only get the best-quality leaf rolls.

With our display box, you get 8 different units which are more than enough to supply you with all the rolls you need. Plus, the design of the package is extra convenient since it has all the features of our product printed on the box. So, your customers will know exactly what’s worth picking.

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