Magic Mint – 2 Slim Rolls – 20 Pack Display


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This whole display comes with 20 packs of these Magic Mint Slim Rolls. Inside each pack contains two of these minty fresh rolls, alongside a bamboo packing stick and a hydrating moisture packet. Each roll holds up to 1.5-grams of ground herb, and it burns slowly, smoothly, and coolly. Tobacco-free, chemical-free, and 100% organic, King Palm Magic Mint Slim Rolls are a cut above the rest. 


  • 20-Count Magic Mint Display (Perfect for Your Store!)
  • 2 Magic Mint Slims in Each Pack
  • One Organic Bamboo Stick for Packing in Each Pack
  • One Moisture Packet in Each Pack

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Activate the terpene-filled flavored capsules and fill your lungs with minty fresh hits. King Palm’s Magic Mint Slim Rolls contain all-natural mint terpenes that, when activated, blend beautifully with the herbaceous notes of your bud. Simply squeeze the capsule inside the filter and listen for the pop! Then, you’ll start to smell the fragrant mint notes, and you know it’s time to light up.

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