Margarita – 5 Mini Rolls


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Pop the ball located inside the corn husk filter tip to release the essential oil inside, and it’s infused with natural terpenes. Forgot any strawberry rolling papers you’ve tried in the past because none can compete with flavored filter tips. The flavor is more intense compared to flavored rolling papers. Add the taste of fruity strawberries to your herbs, and cool down the smoke simultaneously with the corn husk filter tip. Our rolls come in a universal pouch with the specific flavor marked on the back.


Resealable Package Contains:

  • 5 Hand rolled leaf smoking cones.
  • Activate the strawberry flavor filter tip by squeezing it. Popping the capsule inside will release food-grade essential oil infused with terpenes. 
  • Pack 1 gram of herbs using the included bamboo stick.
  • Fresh King Palm pre-rolled cones come with a humidity pack to maintain freshness for a year after opening. 

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Organic Leaf Pre Rolled Cones 

King Palm pre-rolled cones are perfect for those looking for a backwood or blunt alternative without tobacco and nicotine. The entire process of making a King Palm pre-rolled cone is by hand and starts by picking Cordia leaves. Each leaf is evaluated thoroughly and cleaned with purified water.

Slower Burn Than Rolling Papers And Hemp Wraps

While hemp wraps and rolling paper can burn too fast, this is different with King Palm leaf cones. Experience an imported leaf from Singapore with excellent natural slow-burning properties. Besides a slow burn, it’s smooth, making it a recommended choice to enjoy top-shelf flowers with it. 

The Perfect Filter Tip 

The design of our corn husk filter tips will not let even the smallest piece of flower or resin through it. Another feature is its ability to reduce the temperature of the smoke. Every filter tip has been hand-rolled, and they are non-gmo. A capsule is located inside the filter tip, and the strawberry flavor is not released until squeezed and popped. We recommend popping the flavored capsule with your fingers. 

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