25 Slim Display Box – 8 Units

King Palm brings you a set of excellent slim rolls to solve all your joint-making problems.Each roll can hold up to 1.5 grams of product and comes with a one-year freshness guarantee.



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Our slim rolls are fashioned from organic, non-GMO leaves to bring you an all-natural product with the guarantee that no toxic chemicals will be released by the rolls when burnt. Non-Organic rolls open the gates to many harmful substances that can create health problems over time.

We use handpicked palm leaves from sustainable sources that are first purified with water and then made into rolls by hand. Our expert handcrafters are trained to create seamless slim rolls to ensure you don’t experience any product leakage or fraying when smoking.

Our slim rolls are slow-burning to help lengthen your smoking session. They maintain the burning product for longer than the average slim roll and offer a higher payoff, too.

A single pouch contains 25 mini, slim rolls. We offer 8 such pouches per display box, allowing for a total of 200 slim rolls per box.

All products are packaged with Boveda and have a two-way humidity control function to ensure the product is fully dry when you open it.

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