Smoke Clips Jar

If you are tired of the smelly fingers, then the Smoke Clips Jar is exactly what you need. For anyone who hasn’t tried this product, you are in for a treat. Whenever you hold your joints or cigarettes, the skin is going to absorb the entire odor. What you can do instead is try our Clips Jar to hold and use your smoke without touching it.





Our product is one in a million. Here is what sets it apart from the rest of the similar instruments on the market:

  • Each instrument extends to 1.5 feet
  • You get 50 clips in a jar (x25 gold and x25 black clips)
  • They are sturdy instruments that keep the joints or cigarettes secured in place
  • No smelling fingers
  • Classy design

We offer an excellent little clip with sturdy teeth to securely hold your smoke in the place. The teeth are ideally laid out so that you can use it to snag the end of your smoke at any time, which is extra convenient for those who want to pass the smoke around with ease. This instrument is a fascinating pick for smokers who usually get burned when holding a bunt.

The instrument features a classy and elegant design fit for any occasion. The long end can extend up to 1.5 feet, which is more than enough for comfortable everyday use. You can simply drop the ashes in the ashtray without having to lift your hand. The brass at the end is too well-made so that the product can last you a long time.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 lbs