60 Gram Boveda – 62%

Over-humidifying your herbal meds is a thing of the past. With our 60 Gram Boveda package, you get the perfect product for keeping the moisture away from your favorite herbs, regardless of how humid the area where you are keeping them is.





Here is what sets our product apart from the rest of our competitors:

  • You get to store your rolls or cigars and still keep their potency
  • The package will not add any unwanted flavors to your rolls
  • Boveda will never damage your smoke
  • You will enjoy a stored roll as if it came out right off the package

Ours is a top-quality product that ensures no drop of moisture gets to damage the herbs. This 2-way humidity control package guarantees there is no mess and leakage. The product is carefully manufactured to make sure everything remains tightly sealed in place.

The best thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the cannabinoids or flavonoids either. Our Boveda package will store your product in the ideal humidity so that your meds will keep their effect and potency.

With our Boveda 2-way humidity control, your rolls will keep their freshness. The storing process will not affect their membranes in any way, nor will it reduce their vigor.

Since storing the rolls any other way will slowly reduce their effectiveness, you need something more powerful, something you can rely on. That’s where our humidity control will tick all the boxes. Not only do you get an effective way to store your herbs, but you also get to enjoy a nice smoke.

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