Sparkwheel Torch Lighter


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King Palm’s spark wheel butane torch lighter is the only lighter you’ll ever need. This super-powerful, refillable lighter boasts King Palm’s logo on the side, on top of a sleek gun-metal color. The lighter itself burns up to 1300°C or about 2300°F, making it the ideal tool for those extra potent, extra waxy dabs.


  • Super Powerful Jet Flame
  • Max. 1300°C Burn Temp.
  • Safety Ignitor
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extended Burner Head

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Refillable Butane Torch

This butane torch not only holds a lot of butane, but it is easily refillable, too. As soon as you notice the flame dimming a bit, that’s your biggest sign that your King Palm spark wheel lighter needs more fuel. Simply flip the lighter over and insert your butane can’s stick into the hole at the bottom of your lighter. Apply pressure for a few seconds and then release.

Super-Powerful Flame

King Palm’s spark wheel butane lighter boasts a super-powerful flame with temperatures that are so much higher than your typical BIC. The jet flame is highly concentrated, making it ideal for heating up your rigs and torching those thick dabs. 

Stylish, Ergonomic Design

We’ve designed these spark wheel lighters to have a stylish, ergonomic design so they’re comfortable in the hand and easy to use. These lighters are hefty and feel high-quality, but they aren’t overly heavy or bulky. Instead, you can bring this lighter with you everywhere you go, representing King Palm each time you use it.

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