Banana Cream – 20 Slim Rolls


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This tube of King Palms contains 20 Slim-sized Banana Cream Flavored Rolls— the perfect smoke for anyone with a sweet tooth. By applying slight pressure to the cornhusk filter tip, you pop the flavor capsule inside, releasing the waves of Banana Cream goodness. Reminiscent of your favorite childhood banana candies, you’ll be stoked to have 20 of these on hand. 


  • 20 Banana Cream Slim Rolls
  • 1 Hydrating Moisture Packet
  • 1 Bamboo Packing Stick

Select Size: Banana Cream (1.5 Grams)

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1.5-Gram Design

King Palm Slim Rolls can hold up to 1.5 grams of ground herb. That’s right, you’re able to stuff a whole lot of flower into every Banana Cream roll, especially when you use the bamboo packing stick that’s included in the tube. Make sure to pack it tight and ensure the contents are perfectly even for the best result. 

Delicious Banana Flavors 

As soon as you pop the terpene-filled flavor capsule, you’ll notice notes of banana start to come through. When smoked, these creamy, fruity notes taste wonderful alongside your herb, enhancing the flavor experience tenfold. And, if you want to taste your flower on its own first, you can! Just wait to pop the capsule until you’re ready.  

Slow-Burning Smokes

King Palm rolls are designed to provide you with the smoothest, slowest-burning smoke you’ve had yet. Through our use of high-quality Cordia palm leaves, the durable material allows for the flower to burn slower and for you to enjoy your smokes even more than you already do. So, be prepared for big, milky puffs from this 20-pack of Banana Cream Slims. 

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