Pop Top Doob Tube


Squeeze Top Child-Resistant Pop Top Doob Tubes are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging pre-rolls. Featuring a positive seal for enhanced freshness. The odor-tight seal significantly decreases odor to ensure secure storage and privacy.

Rolls pictured in this listing are not included


  • Food-Grade Plastic
  • Two Variations: Clear and Reclaimed Plastic
  • Reclaimed Plastic fits our Rollie size only
  • Clear Plastic fits our Rollie & Mini sizes

Price is for one Doob Tube.

Bulk Pricing Deals: 

  • 10% Off Min 100
  • 15% Off Min  500
  • 25% Off Min  1000



Reclaimed Materials

We craft the King Palm Pop-Top Doob Tubes out of 100% reclaimed plastic for a better, more functional design. They’re easily reusable, and the pop-top keeps any and all odors sealed in, all while your roll stays fresh. 

Perfectly Portable

Our Pop-Top Doob Tube makes portability a breeze. No longer do you have to worry about squishing your King Palm when you take it for an outside sesh! Instead, you simply place your Rollie into the Doob Tube, seal the top, and take it with you wherever you go. 

Fits Our Signature King Palm Sizes

This brand-new Doob Tube fits our signature King Palm Rollies and Minis only. They’re the perfect sizes for these 0.5-gram and one-gram rolls, protecting them from end to end. Whether you store them empty or pack your King Palm before placing it in the roll, this Pop-Top Doob Tub keeps your rolls safe, fresh, and ready to be smoked.  

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