Variety Flavors – 100 Mini Rolls Humidor


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Purchase a King Palm 100 Mini Roll Humidor and never worry about running low on King Palms again. This humidor contains 100 Mini Rolls in five different flavors, with each roll containing a paper insert to let you know which flavors are inside. Our acrylic container is designed to keep your rolls fresh and tasty day after day, allowing you to stock up with ease. 


  • 100 Mini Rolls
  • Five Different Flavors to Choose From
  • 25 Sticks for Packing
  • High-Quality Acrylic Humidor Case
  • Humidity pack to prevent staleness.

Select Flavor: Mixed Variety

Package Count: 100 Count

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Holds Up to 100 King Palm Minis

This entire humidor can store up to 100 of your favorite King Palm Mini Rolls. When you buy, the acrylic box comes stuffed to the brim with these one-gram rolls. This humidor is a variety flavor pack, so there are five different flavors in there for you to choose from. Simply take a look at the paper insert in each roll to figure out which flavor is which. 

Keeps Your Rolls Fresh

King Palm’s humidors are designed to keep your palm rolls fresh, no matter how long they’re kept in there. These airtight-sealed containers ensure that no excess air, moisture, or temperature seeps in, protecting every one of your Minis. 

Always Stocked, Always Smoking

With 100 Mini Flavored Rolls, you’re always going to stay stocked and smoking whenever you want. No longer do you have to worry about savoring your 2-pack when you have 98 more waiting for you! This 100 Mini Roll Humidor is the ultimate gift for any King Palm fan.

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