Slim Humidor

Are you looking for something awesome but simple to display your favorite King Palm rolls? Our slim humidor can fit plenty of slim-sized rolls to keep them nice and fresh.


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That is more than enough time to store all the wooden pressers and leaf rolls you need.

Our Slim Humidor features:

  • Clear acrylic surface for easy view
  • A sophisticated and simple way to display your favorite rolls
  • Magnets to secure the lid
  • Rubber feet on the bottom of the surface to keep it from sliding off
  • Durable and practical container

Not many other similar products offer what we can. Not only do you get a sturdy product you can trust, but you also get an elegant and simple design that will fit literally anywhere – in any room.

The surface of the humidor is clear so that you will get an easy view of anything that is happening to your rolls. The lid will remain secured in place, so you don’t have to worry about the rolls falling off during transport. To make sure the humidor stays closed, we’ve attached magnets to serve as locks and rubber feet on the base of the humidor to avoid it from sliding off.

You can even add another surface under the humidor to adjust the angle to place it however you like. That way you can use it to display your rolls on any shelf, table, or wherever you like to store it on.

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