Variety Flavors – 90 Slim Rolls Humidor


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Keep 90 Flavored Slim Rolls fresh and ready to smoke in our acrylic humidor. This 90 Slim Roll Humidor contains a variety of Flavored Rolls, each with a paper insert to let you know what you’re smoking on. Every Slim Roll holds exactly 1.5-grams of ground herb, making it the perfect smoke for a solo or group sesh. And, with 90 Slims waiting for you, you’ll never be left empty-handed.  


  • 90 Slim Rolls
  • Variety of Flavored Rolls 
    • Berry Terps
    • Watermelon
    • Magic Mint
    • Banana Cream
  • 20 Packing Sticks
  • Quality Acrylic Humidor Case
  • Humidity Control Packet

Select Size: Mixed Variety (1.5 Grams)

Select Flavor: Mixed Variety

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Holds 90 Slim Rolls

Our acrylic humidor contains a total of 90 Slim Rolls in various delicious flavors. Every Slim Roll can hold up to 1.5 grams of ground flower, ideal for smoking on your own or with others. With nearly 100 King Palm rolls stored inside, you never have to worry about running out of your stash. Not to mention, our high-quality acrylic case keeps your Slims smoking their best no matter how long you keep them stored.

Various Delicious Flavors

This 90-pack humidor is full of various delicious King Palm Flavored Rolls. These rolls contain a terpene-capsule in the tip of the rolls, so when you squeeze them, you release all-natural, delicious flavors. There are different flavors in this humidor, but each roll has a paper insert to let you know exactly which flavor is which.

Keeps Your Rolls Fresh, Tasty

The goal of our humidors is to ensure your King Palms stay fresh and tasty, regardless of how long you’ve had them stored. These stylish boxes ensure that no extra moisture or air seeps in, protecting the freshness of your palms day after day. This way, no matter when you pack them and light them up, your Slim Rolls will be just as tasty as the day you bought them.

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