XXL Bulk – 480 Rolls

King Palm’s natural Cordia leaf rolls are the best rolls to smoke any kind of herb. These 5g rolls are rolled by hand to seamless perfection, without the use of glue or chemicals. This ensures that your herbs stay inside the roll at all times and the roll doesn’t unwind or fray while you’re smoking.


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The corn husk filter added to these rolls is one of the best filters you will ever try, it has been tried, tested and approved by numerous customers. Not only does the filter make sure that there is no leakage of product, but it also prevents any resinous oils from getting on your mouth or fingers. King Palms rolls are known for being super-slow burners so you don’t have to keep lighting a new joint every few minutes!

Our rolls are made from 100% natural ethically sourced materials. They have no added preservatives, additives, GMOs, artificial flavors or tobacco. Each Cordia leaf is handpicked and selected after passing through a stringent screening process and being cleaned by purified water. Our materials are completely environmentally friendly and entirely sustainable. No trees are harmed for the harvest action of our materials. Our workers, all over the world, are paid 20% more than the regular standard wage as well.

King Palm’s rolls are packed by Boveda, a leading company in moisture control packaging. All our packets have two-way, 62% humidity control. Therefore, they have an extended shelf life and are guaranteed to stay fresh and crisp for a whole year!

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