Honey Pot – 20 Mini Rolls


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Stock up on King Palm’s Honey Pot Flavored Rolls with this 20-pack tube. Use them any time you’re craving a sweet, floral smoking experience. Squeeze the flavor capsule found in the tip of these one-gram rolls and let the honey notes blend beautifully with your flower. The entire tube contains a total of 20 Honey Pot Mini Rolls, as well as a bamboo packing stick and hydrating moisture packet to ensure your smoke sesh is everything you need it to be and more. 


  • 20 Honey Pot King Palm Mini Rolls
  • One Bamboo Stick for Packing
  • One Moisture Packet for Extra Hydration

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Natural Honey Flavors

Inside the tip of these flavored Mini Rolls is a fruit-derived terpene capsule. When squeezed, the capsule pops and releases natural flavors of honey to enhance your smoke directly. You can pop the capsule right at the start of your smoke or even halfway through depending on when you want to taste the sweet, creamy honey flavors. 

One-Gram Design

Our King Palm Mini Rolls are designed to hold exactly one gram of ground-up herb. When packed tightly, this roll will produce a slow-burning smoke that lasts so much longer than your typical wrap. At one whole gram, our Honey Pot Mini Rolls will have you glued to the couch all day long. 

Organic, Clean Materials

We ensure every King Palm pre-rolled cone is crafted to perfection, using only organic and clean materials. These Honey Pot Flavored Rolls are tobacco-free, chemical-free, and non-GMO, allowing for a pure, comfortable smoke. (Not to mention, they taste great, too.) From the moment you light it up, you’ll feel confident that you’re smoking such organic materials. 

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