Margarita – 2 Mini Rolls – 20 Pack Display


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This entire display contains 20 two-packs of these Margarita Mini Rolls rolls. Along with the two Minis, every pack also comes with an organic bamboo packing stick and a hydrating packet to make the whole packing process as easy (and fresh) as possible. 


  • Display Containing 20 Packs
  • Each Pack Contains 2 Margarita Rolls
  • Each Pack Contains One Bamboo Packing Stick
  • Each Pack Contains One Hydrating Packet

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With King Palm’s Margarita Mini Rolls, it’s always time for a drink. These one-gram Mini Rolls contain fruit-derived terpene capsules that mimic the flavors of a classic margarita. Combine this tasty profile with the herbal one from your bud, and your tastebuds will explode. To get the flavors flowing, simply squeeze the filter until you hear a pop! Once you hear this, you’ll be able to smell the fruity flavors coming through. Now, all you have to do is smoke.


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