King Kiwi – 1 Mini Roll


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With this King Palm Mini Roll, each hit will remind you of a slice of freshly cut kiwis. The Kiwi Mini Roll contains a terpene-capsule right in the tip of the filter itself. You simply squeeze and pop the filter to open the capsule and let the flavors come flowing. Trust us, you won’t be able to stop puffing on this one-gram Kiwi Mini Roll. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 

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Fresh Kiwi Flavors

Inside every one of these King Palm Mini Rolls is a terpene-filled flavor capsule. These capsules contain terpenes that taste just like an actual kiwi, providing fruity flavors that any other wrap could never accomplish. All you have to do is squeeze and pop the filter to let the flavors flow.

Clean, Smooth Smokes

King Palm prides ourselves on our all-natural smokes. These rolls don’t contain any tobacco, chemicals, or harsh dyes, leaving you to enjoy the organic components entirely. When paired with your favorite flower, the milky hits will leave you glued to the couch all day long. 

One-Gram Design

Every King Palm Mini Roll holds exactly one gram of ground flower. Whether you smoke it all yourself or share with others, this roll is the perfect size for smokers of all experience levels. 

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