Lemon Haze – 1 Mini Roll


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Squeeze the filter of this King Palm Lemon Haze Mini Roll and soak in the citrus flavors. This single Mini Roll holds up to one gram of herb, perfect for a solo sesh or quick group smoke. The flavors come from fruit-derived terpenes and are filled in a capsule that’s just waiting to be popped. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 

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Real Lemon Flavors

This Lemon Haze Mini Roll boasts all-natural lemon flavors that your mouth will love. This flavor profile pairs perfectly with practically any notes inside your flower. But, don’t worry, the flavors are subtle and not overpowering. Pop the capsule to enjoy the lemon notes as soon as you light up or halfway through. It is up to you!

One-Gram Design

Every King Palm Mini Roll holds exactly one gram of ground herb. Quick and easy to pack, smokers new and old will appreciate the ease and accessibility of these hefty one-gram pre-rolled cones. 

Perfect for On-The-Go

With just one roll in the pack, this Lemon Haze Mini Roll makes the perfect smoke for being on-the-go. Whether you’re heading out for a hike or just want a quick sesh in your backyard, you can take this King Palm with you wherever your plans are. 

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