Irish Cream – 1 Mini Roll


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Pop the terpene-filled capsules of this Mini Roll and inhale deliciously sweet flavors of Irish Cream. By using natural terpenes and real Cordia palm leaves, King Palm has managed to create a roll that tastes just like your favorite Irish cream. Squeeze and pop the capsule at the start or halfway through your smoke— it is up to you. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 

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Irish Cream Flavor

When the flavor capsule of this Mini Roll is popped, flavors of Irish Cream are released right into the hits themselves. No longer do you have to deal with spray-coated rolls or artificial flavor-dipped wraps. Instead, the flavor is in the puffs. 

Smooth, Slow-Burning Smoke

King Palm’s Mini Rolls are known for their smooth, slow-burning smokes. These rolls hold up to one gram of herb, but they burn like they hold thrice that. Inhale slowly and you’ll be surprised by the milky, Irish Cream-flavored hits that these rolls provide. 

Unique Design

King Palm utilizes all-natural Cordia palm leaves to make every roll. These wraps are hand-rolled to perfection and do not contain any tobacco, chemicals, glues, or dies. They’re 100% natural, clean, and tasty to smoke. 

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