Fruit Passion – 1 Mini Roll


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Pop the terpene flavor capsule in the filter of this Fruit Passion Mini Roll and inhale delicious notes of fruit, berries, and all things sweet. This is one single Mini Roll, hand-rolled and carefully packaged so all you have to do is pack the pre-roll, pop the capsule, and start smoking. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 

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Fruit Passion Flavors

We craft this King Palm Flavored Roll full of all-natural fruit-derived terpenes to release delicious flavors with every puff. By squeezing the cornhusk filter between your fingers, you pop the flavor capsule and let the terpenes blend with your flower. From the moment you release the Fruit Passion flavors to your last hit, you’ll savor the experience of this fruity Mini Roll. 

Smooth, Cooling Smoke

King Palm designs our rolls specifically to provide a smoother, cooler smoke than other rolls on the market. By using a durable cornhusk filter and organic Cordia palm leaves, you’re able to take full milky hits with total comfort. No more crazy coughing or super harsh hits; instead, you can smoke these Fruit Passion Mini Rolls in complete relaxation. 

All-Natural Ingredients

From filter tip to the end of our Mini Roll, every ingredient we use is 100% all-natural. Here at King Palm, we believe in the power of organic materials. That’s why we embrace the natural aspects of the Cordia palm leaves and don’t add any chemicals, glues, or dyes. Instead, it is just you, your herb, and your natural King Palm roll.