Green Apple – 1 Mini Roll


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Nothing beats the classic flavors of green apple. King Palm’s new Green Apple Mini Roll releases crisp, tart flavors of a juicy apple with every puff you take. By gently squeezing the filter, you will hear the terpene-filled flavor capsule pop. This is your sign that the natural terps are flowing and your smoke will taste just like your favorite green apple.  candy. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 

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Crisp Green Apple Flavors

We’re all used to herbal, gassy, even floral flavors from our flower, but about something juicer? Here at King Palm, we’ve perfected a blend of natural terpenes that taste just like a ripe green apple. When enjoyed alongside a nice herbal strain, the flavor combination will leave your mouth singing. 

Organic Materials

Every King Palm roll is made out of the most natural, organic materials possible. The Green Apple Mini Roll is pure Cordia palm without any tobacco, chemicals, glues, or dyes. Even our cornhusk filter tip is 100% organic and safe to smoke. What more could you ask for from your daily smoke?

Perfect Smoke For Every Stoner

With the roll’s incredibly delicious flavors and smooth, milky hits, this Mini Roll creates the perfect smoke for any stoner out there. They’re easy to pack and even easier to smoke! Not to mention, with just a squeeze of the filter, you’ll melt in the tasty flavors of juicy green apple. Yum. 

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